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August 21, 2019 - email from Joanne - 

Mayor David will need the whole program on September 27 and access to pp projector, laptop and speakers. Troy can you ensure that David’s new name tag is available for that meeting.  Mayor David Bailey – Honorary Rotarian.


Elected as the Mayor of the County of Brant in 2018, David Bailey is serving his first four year term.  Mayor David Bailey's life has been rooted in the County of Brant.  Living in Glen Morris, Paris, Mount Pleasant and now, St. George, he has experienced many of the charming communities, first hand, that make the County of Brant simply grand.  

Mayor Bailey prides himself as being an outspoken advocate for the preservation of our built heritage and on his desire to re-purpose historic buildings, wherever possible. He believes that the arts, culture and heritage play a key role in the quality of life for citizens and visitors in the County.

His passion also extends to many other facets of the community.  He has been actively engaged in civic leadership for over 25 years.  Mayor Bailey has led in a variety of capacities such as Chair, Vice-Chair, President, Member and/or Honorary Member of many Boards of Directors and Foundations.  He is currently the Chair of Brant Municipal Enterprises.

Mayor Bailey is a lifelong entrepreneur, philanthropist and civic leader. He approaches the many challenges and opportunities within his role as Mayor of the County of Brant with determination, passion, and humour.