I can't say that I've been up to much that could be considered particularly new and exciting since I last wrote, which I think was after my trip to London? Well, if you didn't know I went to London in March.

Towards the end of March I had a two-week long vacation of lunch for Easter, it wasn't overly eventful, I just spent a lot of time reading, and relaxing, and going out with friends from school. For Easter though, my host parents took me up from Helsingør, Denmark to Helsingborg, Sweden. We drove through Skåne in Sweden, and visited various gardens and parks and lovely things like that. It was such a beautiful drive along the coast of Øresund! One day that week I also spent the day shopping and wandering in Malmö, Sweden, it was such a sweet and inexpensive city, I quite enjoyed it, but I really haven't come to appreciate the Swedish language, it just sounds so vulgar and crass with its differentiations in pitch and harder consonant sounds.

At the beginning of April my school had its biggest, and most anticipated party of the year, it's called O-Show. The entire idea of O-Show is to have the last party of the year, and have it the best possible time for the 3rd grade, as it's our last year. To start, we all had to arrive in some sort of creative fashion (my friends and I went in wagons pulled by the one girl's brother's friends), after there was a show with awards and entertainment hosted by students, and then there was a dance until 3. It was the funnest night I've ever had, and it really helped that O-Show also had a 1950's theme, it was perfect!



Just this past weekend, Rotary Denmark had our last multi-district get-together in a very small town called Ry. It was… alright. I can't say that I spend much time with the other exchange students, so the get-togethers always feel a little uncomfortable, because I really don't know many people. I do have a few close friends, so it was wonderful to see them. Unfortunately the town we were in was so small and as we were driving up there (for six hours on a bus, we had to stop to pick up people as we went along the route) I could feel myself getting further and further away from the Copenhagen society that I've come to love so much, it broke my heart.

My class has only thirty days left of classes before the revision break, I definitely can say that I'll really miss going to school, I really love seeing my friends and meeting new people all the time! There is a lot still left to look forward to, thank goodness.

I think that's all I really need to say, Vi snakkes!