Sarah Wei, our exchange student in Brazil reports.
Time is flying by so fast!

The monkeys were so cute, check out the picture. They were a little shy but I managed to snap a photo. We went on a 2 hour trek along the countryside. It was raining the day before so the forest was a mud puddle. My shoes got stuck in the mud and came off my feet! Let's just say that my white socks were no longer white. I had a lot of fun with the other exchange students who went on this trip too.

My school ended on Nov. 19th. I took many photos before I left. I got everyone to sign my Brazilian flag too. Everyone was so emotional and I felt sad too. I gave everyone a Canadian pin hoping that they would remember me. I will see them again at their prom. Look forward to some beautiful pictures!

Interact club of 4480 participated in a huge reunion. More than 300 interact members joined together in a nearby small city to party. Imagine a Brazilian gymnasium filled with kids 14-17! There was non-stop noise! Some of us exchange students were invited to participate too. It was an overnight event so we slept at a local school in classrooms. It was my first time having a cold shower!Br........ I think my hands were blue. But I got to meet with many more interact students in D.4480 outside of our city.