The Royal Canadian Air Force is pleased to announce the appointment of Captain Adam “Manik” Runge as the pilot for the 2014 CF-18 Demonstration Team. Flying his specially painted CF-18 commemorating the 90th anniversary of the Royal Canadian Air Force, Captain Runge will dazzle audiences across North America throughout 2014.

A native of Hanover, Ontario, Captain Runge’s fascination with aviation began as a toddler and air shows had a major influence on him as a child. He’s grateful to now return that favour.

“The Snowbirds came to my hometown to do a show when I was nine. After seeing the performance, I was hooked on everything about military aviation,” he said. “I’m thrilled about having the chance to inspire the next generation of youth to set goals and chase their dreams, all while working with some of the most professional technicians and support crews.”

The CF-18 Demonstration Team selects a theme for each year and 2014 will feature the 90th anniversary of the Royal Canadian Air Force. The specially painted CF-18 Hornet will feature unique artwork on the tails and dorsal parts of the aircraft designed by veteran Design Director, Jim Belliveau, at 4 Wing Cold Lake, Alberta. The Demo Hornet will be revealed later in 2014 before the start of the air show season.

“The RCAF has enjoyed a rich history and it is an honour to share that with audiences all over North America,” said Major-General Pierre St-Amand, the commander of 1 Canadian Air Division and the Canadian NORAD Region. “Captain Runge is a talented pilot who has embraced the challenge of representing the RCAF across the continent. I am confident his skill and professionalism will make him a great ambassador for the Canadian Armed Forces.”

Captain Runge is currently a member of 409 “Nighthawks” Tactical Fighter Squadron at 4 Wing Cold Lake. Upon joining the Canadian Forces in 2003 under the Regular Officer Training Program, he attended the Royal Military College of Canada where he spent his summers as an instructor and tow pilot at the Central Region Gliding School in Trenton, Ontario. Captain Runge graduated from Royal Military College in 2007 with a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree.

After earning his pilot wings in the summer of 2009, Captain Runge trained on the CT-155 Hawk – the Royal Canadian Air Force’s advanced jet training aircraft. That was followed by training on the CF-18 Hornet where he reached his goal of becoming a fighter pilot in the summer of 2011. Captain Runge has accumulated more than 800 hours of military flying in high-performance aircraft and is excited to tackle the challenging role of the 2014 CF-18 Demo Team pilot. He notes, however, that he can’t do it alone.

"There is a lot of behind-the-scenes work to make each show a success. Our technicians and other support personnel work tirelessly throughout the year,” said Captain Runge. “It’s a real team effort and we’re excited to showcase the Royal Canadian Air Force as we interact with thousands of people across North America.”


To the Stars – Fuelled by Legacy

The Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) celebrates its 90th anniversary in 2014.

During its 90 years of existence, the men and women of the Royal Canadian Air Force – and the organizations that preceded it – contributed to two world wars, the Korean War, the Gulf War and more. During our most recent air combat mission, Operation Mobile, the RCAF contributed fighters and other aircraft that flew 1,539 sorties over Libya enforcing a no-fly zone in order to protect its civilians and civilian-populated areas.

The 2014 CF-18 Demo Pilot, Captain Adam “Manik” Runge, along with Canada’s other fighter pilots, today carry on the tradition of courage, pride and professionalism established by Canadians who distinguished themselves as fighter pilots in the First and Second World Wars and in the years that followed.

Fighter pilots like Wing Commanders James “Stocky” Edwards and William George Barker, Flying Officer George Frederick ‘Buzz’ Beurling, Flight Lieutenant Charles W. “Charley” Fox and, more recently, Canadian astronauts Colonel Chris Hadfield and Major Jeremy Hanson have all contributed to propelling the reputation of the RCAF into the stratosphere and beyond. 

From humble but distinguished beginnings, progressing through the amazing developments in powered flight and all the way into space, the RCAF will continue to embrace its motto, Sic Itur Ad Astra, reaching towards the stars – fuelled by our extraordinary legacy.Image