Things are very different! A little more than a week ago I changed my host families and wow is it different. I was very excited to have a change in scenery but also nervous to leave my routine and a home that I felt very comfortable in. In my new host family I have a much smaller family, I have a host mom and dad and a younger host sister! They are very nice and welcoming (I even got hugs and kisses when I arrived- that is not very Swiss of them but it made me feel SO welcome!)
It has been VERY busy here in Switzerland!! I also am finding myself very exhausted. Besides a busy school schedule, almost every day I have something I need to do or somewhere I need to go and it is very draining. It also becomes really hard to continuously translate when I am very tired so I am very much looking forward to some down time!
I still participate in volleyball once a week outside of school and every Monday at lunch I have volleyball also, it gives me a chance to meet others and get closer with some of the girls in my class! With Rotary this past weekend we went to Zermatt with all the exchange students in Switzerland (just over 100 students) and it was so much fun! We all took the train and spent a night in a Youth Hostel and I got to meet so many new people from all over the world and it was great! We also got information about Euro Tour and I am so excited! We will be doing 11 countries in 17 days and we are all really looking forward to it!