Leibe Alan;


I am sorry about not communicating with you but remembering to keep in touch with people in North America is a lot harder than I thought it would be. Anyways, the most boring things that I have been doing is lots of paperwork of sorts for busing and school. The more fun stuff is hard to recap due to the amount of it. So the stuff on my not updated blog(http://sjoey4545.tumblr.com/) is fairly easy in that I have been swimming, hiking, exploring(local areas and places like Heidelberg!) and having fun with Uschi(host mother) and Gisela(friend of host mother) and doing a lot more biking than I would in Canada. Once school started almost all international communication sort of died out and I am planning on fixing that this weekend. The most recent things that have happened to me are the Inbound Orientation and a Piano Solo Concert (not exactly sure what to call it) that I went to yesterday(reason that I am sending this email today and not yesterday.). I sadly do not having any pictures of the Piano Concert as I forgot my camera and my phone decided to play a fun game of turning on so that it could immediately turn off again. However the inbound orientation was awesome and I got to go to the Schwarzwald!(It's beautiful by the way)!!!! I met all the other exchange students which was really fun and they are all great people with whom I am also trying to remain in contact and may be seeing fairly soon :D. so I am attaching some pictures that have yet to be seen by anyone else and may be posted on my blog this weekend along with others (I have a lot of to look through). Anyways, will try to remain in contact and speak/email with you again soon. :)


Alles Gute;