Peter Giles, our exchange student currently in Belgium shared the following story on his blog.

Given that following Thanksgiving we probably all need to get rid of a few pounds, we thought we'd share it with you.



My first "workout" in Belgium

As most of you will know. Belgium is known for their delicious treats... well after eating nothing but waffles for a month and a half, i decided it was time to start going to the gym again. However the nearest gym is a half hour bus ride away from the house, so i decided to make do with what they had. So i went into the back yard and was doing the conventional; push up, sit up, routine. Then i noticed a pile of rocks. you know whats next. So as in doing delt lifts with landscaping stones the host dad walks out and  lays a case of dumbbells on the patio table and walks back inside.

Now i imagine, they think im some kind of crazy person lifting rocks for a solid hour as they watched me through the window the whole time until the Dad finally came home. So when i opened the case it was brand new and had never been used, its like they read a small write up of some kind with detailed information about me and my hobbies and then proactively went out and bought ideas i would need.