With December all most over its time for another report. December was a chance for me to see a lot of the Belgian culture and how they celebrate the holidays. Here in Belgium, it is tradition that every city sets up a "Marche du Noel" or in english, 'Christmas market'. This is not just limited to Belgium, most countries in Europe have these as well. The funny thing about them is that they are all relatively the same to some extent. 
Certain booths are available at most of the markets, these include the Galler booth that has taken it upon them selves to play the God of Chocolate and their menu is very diverse with what they have covered, filled, and made out of chocolate. 
The other regula booth is the "your name on a comic" booth, i guess the're really popular here because it seems every market has one. 
The one thing to be on the look out for if your ever in Belgium is "le fete du Saint Nicolas". He is similar to Santa, but he comes on the 5th-7th of December. Pretty much when ever the parent feels like doing it. 
Now the days before this (le fete du Saint Nic Eve, they have university students flock to the streets asking for money. I do not really know where the money goes to, but they collect it any way. So for the first few days its calm, then they start to get a little greedy and start to stop cars in the streets asking for money. Then the day just before the fete they arm themselves with flour and eggs and anyone who does not pay gets attacked, other wise known as an invitation to fight them. My friends actually brought eggs and paint to school that day with the intention of getting them before they got us. And they wonder why they were always at war. Then some time during the weekend the children will wake up and go to the kitchen to find a plate of candies waiting for them. This varies from house to house also kids will get there big gift that day while others will get theirs on Christmas. 
For the the rest of the month till exams they then furiously study. This left me with a lot of time to do other things with the exchange students. 
On the 4th, rotary planned a trip to Achen, Germany for us. The Germans really like their Christmas. 
The 7th we went ice skating in Brussels. 
From the 9th to the 17th, I wrote my exams > With as many as 3 a day. I wrote all of them.
On the 12th I went to my second rotary meeting here and finally exchanged Club banners with them. I also slept over at my 3rd host families house. That was kind of cool. 
The 16th after my exam i went to Mons. 
17th I did the same but went to Namur. 
18th, Liege. 
19th went to Brussels, again. 
20th was my last day of school and we had a little party in the class with food and games. After that i walked into Tilft. 
The 21st i went to Ypres with a fellow Exchange student, to see the war memorials, this was one of the days i actually used my camera. 
On Christmas Eve, we went to church for a mass and to listen to the choir. After that we went to the Aunts house for a gift exchange. When i got home at 2 in the morning I skyped with my family in Canada and got to be at our gift exchange too. 
Tomorrow we will be going to my Host father's side of the family. We leave right after he comes back from working on the boat. So i will finally get to give him his fete and noel gifts, as i have not seen him since mid November. 
Saturday I have been invited to the President of the Rotary Club of Liege Ouest's house for lunch. His son is interested in going on Exchange or is going on Exchange. (some of what he told me was lost in translation). 

Sorry about the lack of photos, but they are posted on my blog and facebook if you want to see what i have been doing lately . 

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