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I arrived in Belgium on the 20th of August and since then,Image. From day one the host sister, Pauline(18) took me into town to meet her friends. Since then i have been travelling around Belgium going on adventures with local Belgians and Exchange Students alike. Now that i have been in Belgium for two months my french has rapidly improved since arriving, however I still get called out for my atrocious "Quebec" accent. Before i left Canada everyone would always tell me that i was going to gain a lot of weight because of the Belgian cuisine. Now all the exchange students hate me because i always walk around with a waffle in my hand and a cone of fries in the other (yeah they serve them in cones) yet I still seem to be losing weight. This has given me a free pass to eat my weight in chocolate, fries, and since the Festival du Liege is going on for the past week, several orders of something that i can only explain as deep fried dough that kind of resembles "Timbits". Belgium is also the land of Crazy weather patterns. Every morning when i wake up at 6am to go to school it is usually raining. then by the time i get to school the rain stops. Then for several hours around noon its 25 degree Celsius and sunny. This is then followed by high winds and more rain after that. With weather like this its hard to decide what to wear in the morning...unless you grew up in a place that has snow for 7 months of the year. I had been living with the Lebon family. My host father Serge(papa), the host mother Cecile(mama), the host sister Sofia(15)(so), and my second sister Pauline who is now on exchange to Halifax. The host father is a master mariner, so i do not see him that often but i recently discovered that he spoke perfect English. However he left to go back to work so i have not seen him in over two weeks. The host mom is currently studying at the Universtie du Liege, so she is always studying in the living room and i do not want to interrupt her, so i just sit in the kitchen eating. I like eating. I will be staying at this house till the first of January, so that will give me plenty of time to learn how to get into Liege without having to spend several hours doing it. Lucky for me my second and third host famillies live just down the road from Le Gare du Guilliemins. Which is a massive train station in the center of town that has trains departing for all over Europe, several times a day. So far, im have visited Namur, Numur(yes, they look similar but are two completely different cities), Leuven, Louvain(yes they look different but they are actually the same city one is just the french side and the other is the dutch side), Liege(of course), Brussels, Maasrichts(Netherlands), Mons, and a few other smaller towns. 


I am so happy that out of all those who applied i was lucky enough to get to go, and super excited that i got to come here to Belgium, located in the middle of Europe. I would like to thank my host club(s) for sending me here, and my local club for being so helpful. I love being in Belgium and may just stay here if they let me, but at the same time i would miss snow, and my dog murphy of course.