Tristyn Wylie is one of our current outbound Exchange Students and is living in Japan this
year. Below please find her most recent blog story.

Old Man Day

In Japan, there are a bunch of public holidays, that are made simply to have a holiday. Yesterday was “Kokumin” or “Shukujitsu” or translated literally to “Old Man Day.” I found this hilarious. Basically, it is just a day you get off school and work, and you just chill out for the day. I got to sleep in, hangout in my pi’s all day, catch up on my blog and Japanese soap opera’s and also eat my new favourite dessert, Japanese cookies.
My host mum decided to take advantage of the holiday and invite the whole family over for dinner. It was also Ayaka’s birthday, so dinner was extra special with lots of dessert! There were 14 of us in total. My host parents, my host father’s parents, my host brother, my other host brother and Ayaka, my host mum’s daughter and her family, Ayaka’s parents and myself! It was a full table, that’s for sure!
My host mum slaved all day in the kitchen, and would only let me help with the salad. I guess she doesn’t know I’m a master chef back home??
It was a really great evening! Everyone was trying to talk to me, without it being overwhelming, and I was even able to make a few jokes in Japanese.
My host brother Masashi made cake for dessert, it was super good and there was two kinds, so he made everyone eat two plates of cake. Thank god for volleyball camp tonight!
I also finished learning Hiragana Friday night! I can officially read and write in basic level! it is 75 letters, but still considered very beginner..crazy! Now I just need to learn what I’m writing and reading, hmm… I’ll post a pic of the Hiragana chart, soon!