Hello everyone,
We have arrived safely in Chimoio yesterday around 11am.  So many things to tell but so little time to tell them in.  We have much to accomplish over the next 17 days and it already feels like there will not be enough time.  I am going to stick with the basics for this email because lunch is in 20 mins and we will be on the move after that.  We had more than a fabulous time in Maputo with Nelas 2 sons.  Henrique who is a Rotarian would like Matt and I to plan their RYLA for them!!!  This is going to be the first ever RYLA in the area so we are excited to take this on.  We are heading to Hands at Work tomorrow and staying with them until Wednesday evening so we can do our video on the centre and the other project that the Rotary Club of Brantford Sunrise took on with me.
We will have no access to a computer until next week because when we return on Wednesday evening we will be heading out Thursday to go to Beiras Rotary Club and then Gloria who is a Rotarian is taking us on a weekend safari!!
When we arrived yesterday we pretty much slept all day.  We woke up for lunch and dinner where we were greeted by about 20 people! Lots of Rotarians came to meet us, it was very nice.  Today we are gathering medical supplies to take with us to Gondola tomorrow to give to the Poly Clinic and to the Multiple care centre in case they need anything.  We are putting together 10 first aid kits with the money that the Rotary Club of Brantford allotted me before we left.  Let me just say that 400US dollars buys enough to last a long time, that would buy us not even a third of what we are getting.  Nela and Joaos son Joel owns the pharmacy so it is quite convenient to be able to have this right at our finger tips. 
I am going to sign off to let Matt on for a couple minutes before lunch,  looking forward to going back to the project.  The last time I was here I stood on the soil that the care centre will be built so it will probably be very emotional for me when I see the structure that has been built.
Have a great week everyone and I will send a message next week!!
Lots of love from MOZAMBIQUE,