Not writing sooner, I think I'm going to blame it on the time zone here and just stay here. We're clearly two weeks ahead, not only six silly hours. 

I'm not sure where to begin, I've just been having such a wonderful time lately! Here's what happened in February... I moved in with my counsellor and his wife. They're lovely, older, but lovely. They have two dogs as well, but I miss my old host cat Felix terribly. I've become a cat person I think.
Also, I went skiing in the French Alps (Val Thorens) for a week over our February break, and no. I didn't go with my host family. I went with the group from the school, because the students organise a fantastic trip for that week. The entire thing was so unbelievably Danish because all of the Gymnasiums go there for that week, the town was entirely Danish students, and I couldn't believe that we don't do anything like it in Canada! It was probably one of the best weeks I've ever had, it was so much fun, and I made some incredible friends as well! I also had the best goggle-sunburn you'd ever see. The weather was absolutely wonderful.

Other than that nothing particularly notable happened in February, as far as I can remember.
However, from the 5-8 March I was in London! My host club here has a "friendship club" near the city, so I wrote to the lovely Rotary Club of Heston & Isleworth, and basically just.. asked them to host me. I stayed with two very sweet old couples, and they just let me free into the city during the day, and then would make evening plans for me. Their Rotary meeting was actually very fun (really great dinner, and it was so nice to hear English spoken in the meeting again), and I had the most amazing time! The trip really was too short though, I have a month off of school in May/June when my class is reading for/writing exams, and I really would love to go back again. I can't say that I saw that many tourist attractions though, the weather was just too lovely when I was there, and I was with a friend I know there, so I saw a lot of the city, but not a single museum. I did see Westminster Abbey, and when I got to Poets' Corner I very nearly died, and then wanted to yell at a woman for standing on Charles Dickens.

I have to fly back to Canada on the 2 July, and I can't say I'm excited in the least. I think it really took leaving North America for me to see how twisted the entire social mindset is there to me. I don't agree with it in the least. I'm so grateful for this experience so far, because it has just given me more motivation to work as hard as I can possibly can in my first year of university next year, because I would like to transfer right out of North America. Perhaps not back to Denmark, but somewhere on this continent would be nice. I'm just going to miss all of the friends I've made here so far, I really love the Danes, and even though they are beyond difficult to become friends with, I'm really happy that I worked hard to do so. I know it's much easier to just be close with the other inbounds, but I feel like that would take away so much from my experience. I can honestly say that I've met some Danish friends here that I think I'll be friends with for a very long time, and I know I'll see at least one of them after I get home! I'm so excited that they're all traveling next year, some want to come and visit me whilst they're in North America! It's already beginning to depress me though, because as we're planning our graduation I've already learned that there's a graduation party at my friend's house literally two hours after my flight leaves. I guess my only hope is is that it's bloody fantastic in Canada when I get back.




P.S. I should also apologise for the way I've been writing, I've been reading everything in sight this year, and right now I cannot stop with re-reading J.D. Salinger, and delving into every single James Joyce I can get. It's taking everything I have not to punctuate everything I say with the word goddamn à la Salinger.