Illiteracy is a major contributor to poverty in Pakistan.  Rotary Brantford is making a difference in the lives of many through this unique program.

No literacy, no job.  No job, no money.  And with that simple truth, many in rural Pakistan are destined for a life of poverty. Recognizing this tragedy, the Rotary Club of Brantford has joined forces with its counterpart in Karachi South, Pakistan to address illiteracy and poverty together.


The "Eliminate Illiteracy to Alleviate Poverty" program has established 20 schools helping 750 children in rural areas and the slums of Karachi.  Rotary has provided the funding and management  that have delivered buildings, teachers, books and resources for student success.  It is a four year program that will eventually result in the schools being autonomous, providing benefits to residents for generations to come.


Results of the program are already evident.  Through the intensive one-year program, children are capable of reading and writing Urdu, the local language, as well as comprehending basic English and grade four arithmetic.  These skills bring immediate benefit to families through the child's ability to read government notices and newspapers, as well as providing for practical home skills.  Further, this basic level of education makes each child eligible for formal education, changing the course in the lives of the children and their families.