we've already started to prepare for the graduation at the end of the year! I'm so ridiculously excited....

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I've just about finished my third month here and everything is still going very well! I am starting to get more work from school though (just in english and french classes) which isn't really a bad thing just a time-consuming thing. I have kept up my attendance though, I go every day! I think I've explained how Gymnasium works here, how you have your class and you have every subject with the same group of 30ish students, well yeah. I really like my class, and we've already started to prepare for the graduation at the end of the year! I'm so ridiculously excited for that, especially because BCI just had their's last weekend.

I actually have been making friends at school, I really like the Danes, I was told that they would be very closed, and although it was hard to make actual friends at first, they were still nice. After the time I've spent in the class though I feel like I'm finally in. They're so sweet and they're really helping me learn Danish! It's such a hard language. The other thing that's really different here is that we have skolefester (school parties) and they're actually fun! Yes, they do serve Tuborg at the parties, but I'm still not used to actually having a good time at the school dances. I've met so many people at them. I try not to spend time with the other inbounds outside of our occasional get-togethers, and to be honest I really only have about 5 very close inbound friends, one of them being Emily Trudeau, from Niagara Falls (was in the same outbound group as me). She lives about 45 minutes from me so we get together in Copenhagen once in a while and catch up and maybe do some shopping, you know usual.

I just moved into my second host family this past weekend, so I've been very busy. I really miss my first family though, I was the only child most of the time (their son would come home from school only once a month), and my host parents were so funny and sweet. My new family is great though, I did end up getting a room of my own, my host sister gave up her room for the three months I'm here. My parents are nice, but I think they have a tendency to underestimate my maturity/independence/ability, which can be quite uncomfortable. I also have a younger brother in this family who is hilarious, and a dog who just ran away about 10 minutes ago so I really got to see the neighbourhood as I was chasing him.

My counsellor here however, is not my favourite person at all. He makes me feel extremely uncomfortable, and I don't like being around him at all. He's not the typical "dane". He makes far too many racist comments, gay-bashes, and is constantly saying that Gymnasiums are full of evils. He doesn't approve of anything I want to do, because he thinks it breaks Rotary rules. It doesn't of course, but he's under the impression that Rotary is a Christian organization or something.. he is extremely religious, perhaps to the point of disillusionment. Regardless, I am very good at taking care of myself, and my Rotary club doesn't really know what they're doing so they give me a lot of money for my monthly allowance.

All in all I'm very thoroughly enjoying myself and I'm still so happy I'm here!