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Following are some quotes from her blog over the last few weeks.
The day after I arrived in Tenerife I was off to the giant volcano called El Teide - the tallest point in all of spain and it is located on my island!
Somewhere on this confusing blog I will download pictures of it. It is VERY hard to miss.

The day after that I went on vacation to 3 other canary islands: Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, and La Graciosa! Marcos, Merci and I stayed their for 4 days. My host siblings had to stay at home as they could not afford to miss that much school. Luckily for me, I could! We went to the beach every day. My family are really into competitive swimming. So my first experience swimming in the ocean was accompanied by about 20 lengths running on the beach, stretching, and sit ups. Did i mention it was night time, and their was no one on the beach? I wonder why! ahah It was freezing!

Yesterday I realized why people in Tenerife don't ride bikes.. After my near death experience which was I guess both mine and the drivers fault. I shouldnt have been driving down a one way street (hill) and he should have looked both ways before turning. We were both at fault. Luckily my amazing agility saved me from parishing to my death..

Tomorrow will be the closing of my second week of spanish school. It honestly feels like I have always gone to that school. I have continued to make more friends throughout the week, i love meeting new people :)

This week was a short one due to a holiday on Tuesday because it was national Spain day. Since I am the new/foreign kid I thought it would be appropriate to attend class on the monday although all of my friends had warned me that no one goes. being the excellent student I am, I attend all 6 of my classes, in period one there were a normal amount of people in the class, but as the day progressed that number quickely decreased to 6 at the end of the day. Spanish school is more similar to Canada school then I could have ever imagined!

By the way i got my anthropology exam back this week, I passed with flying colours. I only got 9 wrong out of 25. Unfortunetly in spanish school they calculate things a little bit differently... I ended up with a 3.75 out of 10. It was the first time I had failed something in forever. Estoy muy triste. I am very sad that I failed :(

Last night I went out with my friends and watched the soccer game, Real Madrid crushed Malaga to a pulp. After watching spanish soccer matches her, it makes TFC(Toronto Football Club) and all other Canadian Soccer teams look like a bunch of timbit 5 year olds chasing after the ball.. no offense Canada.
I think my spanish is beginning to improve, I know longer feel like I am in la-la land 24/7, so that's a really good thing! Even my spanish host mother commented to me the other day that my spanish is mucho mejor (much better) which made me very very happy :) !!!!

Anyways, I should really get studying for my 2 exams which will result in my brain exploding..
un beso from tenerife!