Even though I've only been in Denmark for 6 weeks, it already feels like home, I don't think I could imagine being happier in any other country. I've kept in touch with a lot of the other outbounds from our district, and I don't think a lot of them are doing quite as well, at least socially.

I live in the town of Virum right now, which is a suburb of Copenhagen, my school is called Virum Gymnasium. A gymnasium (pronounced "goomnashyum) has three grades, and each grade is broken into 12 classes, your class is your line of study. I've been put into the 3J class, which means I'm a senior at the
school, and my class' line is actually languages, specializing in English.

When I first started school I was terrified, yes I do have the most amazing host family any exchange student could ask for, but I had been told that Danes were very frigid, I learned quickly that that wasn't true at VG. Everyone at school, especially in my class was so warm and welcoming I couldn't even believe it. I biked home from school after my first day on a cloud. The schools here also have a lot of parties, at the actual school, our first one is friday but I have been out with my friends here before and it's so much fun. I've met with the 170 other inbounds in Denmark for a week, we had an introcamp, it was so great to meet everyone, over the course of the week I actually met someone who I would consider one of my best friends. Just last week though, I was able to go with a group from my school to Berlin, it was the craziest week of my life. We would get up every morning at 8, leave the hotel at 9 and go to a museum/concentration camp/bus tour of the city, then at 12 the teachers would drop us off in the middle of the city, say "vi ses i morgen!" and let us free. I got to see so much of the city that way, so much freedom! Every night we would all go out to dinner together, and then take advantage of the fantastic night life in the city. I've definitely never been on a class trip like that in Canada.

My Danish is coming along. We take a lot of lessons, but it's definitely a very hard language. My understanding of it has gotten much better, it's really helpful that people here speak English though, and they're all very willing to help me out as much as I need. I was really fortunate to end up so close to Copenhagen, it's such an amazing city, it's the perfect size, and there are all sorts of really interesting parts of it. Right now I don't have any host siblings, so I'm really happy that I made so many friends at school so easily. I think that was what I was most worried about, but people here love exchange students! I'm so happy I got sent to VG, it's a really cool school.

I like to think that I've already started to make the most of my year here, I haven't let a single opportunity pass me by, I've been getting out, meeting people, and I've been having so much fun. Denmark wouldn't seem like anyone's first choice - I know it wasn't mine, but it's a beautiful country, and I'm so thankful that I'm here!

- Caitlin