I am having a wonderful time in Brazil. I have been here for 2 months now and I am very pleased that I came here. My family here are very loving and patient with my broken/slow Portuguese. Everyone here is patiently helping me through these rough times. With the Interact and Rotary here in Brazil, we planted trees, helped troubled kids who are in rehabilitation from drugs. I have also made many friends and often go out and watch movies with them. I have tried many new foods.
Through the orientation of exchange students, I met approximately 35 more exchange students from all over the world. There were 2 Canadians excluding me. One from BC and the other from Manitoba. We all went to a pizzeria and I tried Banana cinnamon pizza for the first time. I am in love with the sweet taste. My friend also had some chocolate pizza.
At school, we had a day where everyone dresses in mismatching clothes. Some of them were so hilarious.
I just returned from a senior trip with my class to Southern Brazil. The weather was not cooperating but none the less, we all had much fun. The water on the beaches were really cold but that did not stop my classmates from getting in the water. I sun-tanned for the first time but somehow the results were different from everyone else. During dinner, everyone turned into tomatoes because of the sunburns. I stayed the same colour.
I will be staying with my current host family until December I think. I do not know who will be my next host family. I am in a Brazilian choir here and we will be singing christmas carols in the shopping mall in November. I also play trumpet in the city orchestra. We will also be performing in the shopping mall. The conductor lets me play the piano whenever I want, so I practice a little after singing.
This Saturday, I will be participating in a Rotary event. We are helping the environment and monkeys I think...

Hugs and Kisses
Sarah Wei from Brazil!