Christmas in Germany was great, and is very similar to Canadian Christmas, but I believe more time is spent with the family. But it is strange that there is so many English songs for Christmas. And there are live burning candles on the trees! It strikes me as dangerous and really really awe inspiring seeing live, burning candles on the Christmas trees in Germany. The first time I saw this I couldn't stop watching the tree to make sure it didn't go up in flames. But apparently trees burning are really rare. And so I lowered my guard and treated it like a normal Christmas tree. except, well, it had fire on it. And I made the mistake of walking to close to it. My leg shook a branch and my eyes opened wide, but luckily neither me or the tree burst into flames. I am only glad my family did not see so they could make fun of how foreign I am. New years was also an incredible experience. All of the exchange students and families were together in a business party in the nearby city of Bremen, and we had an incredible amount of fireworks! It sounded incredibly like a battle was taking place in the city, because of all the pops and bangs of fireworks in the sky. And when new years struck, the sky went ablaze with fireworks! I think I counted at least 15 minutes of non stop fireworks in the skies. And when everything was finished, all of the children and teenagers went onto the street and we had even more fireworks. It was an incredible night. Things have been incredibly busy for me, but I am loving every minute of it.I love Germany and all of the friends I have made, and I am doing tons of things during the week.I have just recently also moved houses, I am still in the same city so the only thing different is the family and house. Every week seems incredibly busy. Last week I spent 5 days in the mountains in Germany with the Scouts, (and they made me a German scout officially!) and then the night I came home I had an hour of sleep before once again heading off somewhere else. On Tuesday I spent a total of 12 hours in the school with work and extra curricular, and yesterday as soon as school was finished I had to catch a train to the next city for grammar school, and then when that was finished, I had to catch the train home so that I could go to a new youth group for the night. I often do not realize how much I have done in a day until I am at home thinking about it while trying to sleep. My new host family is amazing. My siblings are in University and my father in Austria for work, and so the week is only me and my mother. I think it is helping my German a lot because I am able to just talk to my mother with no rush, and she has helped me incredibly with my grammar. School is great, I love my class, and my teachers are nice. Just a brief overview of my week;
Mondays-Rotary, Tuesdays-Vollyball,Wednesdays-Shooting,Thursdays-Vollyball,Fridays-Grammer,Youthgroup,Badminton, Saterdays- Free! sleeping day Sundays-Scouts
and in between all of this, spontanious events or plans. I must however keep trying to avoid too much english. I feel like I belong in Germany right now; It feels like home to me.

Vielen Dank, and if you have any questions then don't hesistate to ask! ! I need to write in my blog once more, about christmas, travel, sports, and scouts, but I have not finished my blog yet. If you need photos then I can send you some. I think tommorow I will be uploading a ton onto facebook. Thanks, JoelImage