Natalie's parents pass on pictures from Argentina.
Dear Rotary Members:
We are Diane and Marty Quinlan, parents of Natalie who is the current
outbound student to Argentina.  We thought you'd enjoy seeing the latest
pics, taken during a family vacation to the northern provinces of Argentina.
The first photo (which you don't see, as we can only assign a single picture to an article) features Mom Adrianna; Dad Pablo; sis Lucretia and little
brother Gonzalos.  (18-year-old Celena left for her exchange to Germany on
Dec 29th.)  Re:  the handstand shot...that's not sand; it's SALT!

In February, Nat has been invited to join a family from Buenos Aires for a
10-day stay at their vacation spot in Mar del Plata, right on the Atlantic.
She's "pumped"!

Our daughter is having the exchange of a lifetime and we thank the Rotary
Club of Brantford for offering her this golden opportunity.  She is making
friendships and connections that will last her a lifetime.

Wishing each and every one of you every blessing in 2009.
Diane and Marty Quinlan